• Class Participation (5%) : Involves answering questions with the clicker. Register your clicker in this google form

    • Use your PID A0XXXXXXXXX
  • (6-7) Homework Assignments (35%) : They may be done in pairs; they will be assigned at the rate of one per week. You have a total of six late days that you can use throughout the quarter as you need them, where a late day means anything between 1 second and 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds past a deadline.

  • In-person Midterm (30%) : Will be held on Thursday May 5th, from 9:30 – 10:50am (in lecture).

  • In-person Final (35%) : Will be held on Tuesday June 7th, from 8:00 – 11:00am. The final must be taken at the scheduled time and location. To turn in your completed final examination, you must present a valid UCSD ID at the time the examination papers are handed to the instructor; papers not accompanied by a valid UCSD ID will not be accepted.

  • The midterm and final are closed book but you may use a double-sided cheat sheet.

  • Since the final is cumulative, your midterm grade will be calculated as midterm > 0 ? max(final, midterm) : 0. This means that you get a second chance if you don’t do well on the midterm but you must turn in both the midterm and the final.

Exams must be taken at the scheduled time. They are open book, notes. , computer etc. but you cannot collaborate with anyone in person or online sites like stack overflow etc.

Regrade Requests for Programming Assignments

When submitting regrade (or “have not received grade”) queries for the programming assignments, please use the following protocol to help us track the requests.

  1. Make a (private, if you like) post on PIAZZA
  2. Label your post with regrade and hwX (i.e. hw1 or hw2 etc as appropriate)
  3. Add your github username AND your ucsd-email to the request.

All programming assignment requests must by made within 7 working days of the scores first being announced.

Regrade Requests for Exams

When submitting regrade requests e.g. for midterm or final, please follow these guidelines for us to consider your request.

  1. First, all requests must be submitted within 2 working days of the scores being published.

  2. Formatted as follows, or else we may take away points from your score

(1) The correct answer is: XYZ
(2) My answer was: ABC
(3) Here is why I think I was incorrectly graded ...